Real estate: the Chinese copy of Paris has not found a buyer

A replica of the Eiffel Tower, buildings that could not be more Haussmannian and even a few French gardens: this Chinese copy of the capital had everything to seduce. And yet …  

Its metallic structure is 108 meters high. So we see it everywhere. This replica of the Eiffel Tower is also the tallest replica of the most emblematic monument in Paris after that of Las Vegas, which measures 165 meters. However, hardly anyone comes to admire it.

We are in the Tianducheng district of Hangzhou, a small town located 200 km from Shanghai. In a misty atmosphere, you can see the perfect alignments of Haussmann buildings, as well as fountains and some French gardens.

But this postcard decor does not seem to appeal to the Chinese. To the chagrin of the real estate company which designed this crazy project to reproduce a Haussmannian district. Started in 2007, the program has proven to be a commercial flounder. Only around thirty families have found a home in this “made in China” Paris, while this “copy” was designed to accommodate 10,000 people. The local, critical media evoke a ghost town. the pictures taken by the Reuters news agency bear witness to this …